Liberate eLearning is a leading online and blended training provider that stands out among others.

We're all about the relationship, creating quality eLearning and we flourish by exceeding expectations.

About Liberate

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We're accredited and qualified online educators foremost (Registered Educational Practitioners).

Learning Theories

We live, breathe and apply adult learning theories.


We effortlessly break down complex projects into simple tasks.

Seen it all

After managing hundreds of projects, we know what we're doing because we've seen it all before.


We assign all source files, code and pre-existing templates so you can repurpose our templates.

One Team

We empower you by guiding you and working as one team.


Our support continues beyond the sign-off of the project.


We accept it’s our responsibility to ensure meaningful learning occurs.


Our offering is end-to-end – analysis through to online facilitation and hosting.

We pride ourselves in selecting the best-of-the-best in the eLearning market, and our staff take great pride in their work. Collectively, we have over 100 years of experience, and an extensive understanding of deploying SCORM and AICC content to a myriad of Learning Management Systems (LMS) including Oracle, Saba, SAP, SumTotal, Moodle, Cornerstone, Totara, SilkRoad and many more.

Our training development and eLearning staff have all been hand-picked because of their experience, skills and working knowledge of the operations and project management methodologies from numerous eLearning organisations within Australia. We have taken this diverse experience, workshopped best practice, and shaped our business to enable us to better meet our clients' needs.

We also recognise we are only as good as the people that work for us; we have a strong emphasis on professional development and equal employment opportunities and we support a flexible working environment and allow a number of our staff to work remotely, where practical.

  • Rod Beach Owner/Director

    Rod Beach, the owner of Liberate eLearning, is supported by a tight-knit and unified management team. Capitalising on the unique strength and eLearning experience of our management team enables Rod to offer our clients the highest level of personal support and undivided attention (as they deserve).

    +
  • Pete JoisonVisual Design Manager

    Pete brings a unique perspective to the management team. True to his area of expertise, Pete looks at things differently and can appreciate the stunning artistic creations and metaphoric concepts hidden in unsuspecting places. Such an unconventional thinker gives us an innovative edge as he has the ability to see abstract ideas and transfer these ideas into pieces of creative eLearning art.

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  • Rob BrownAccount & Channel Manager

    Rob is our Account and Channel Manager and facilitates a number of our strategic projects and long-term partnerships.

    He has successfully overseen 60 enterprise projects and has worked as an IT Executive for over 17 years. Rob is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and provides advice on information systems, panel relations and effectively manages our Partnership Agreements with a number of our eLearning channel partner projects.

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Rod Beach Owner/Director

Rod Beach, the owner of Liberate eLearning, is supported by a tight-knit and unified management team. Capitalising on the unique strength and eLearning experience of our management team enables Rod to offer our clients the highest level of personal support and undivided attention (as they deserve).

Rod has an education and multimedia background, and been working as an eLearning professional for over 12 years. He's regularly asked to speak to various industry groups and association conferences, and is recognised as an industry leader in the areas of eLearning instructional design, solution engineering, blended training and project management. Rod has accumulated an intimate appreciation of the organisational development, eLearning strategies, practices and trends facing a broad variety of medium and large Australian and global organisations.

On request, Rod is the primary touch-point and Relationship Manager for our clients. The success of our client's projects is of the upmost importance to us, and this is demonstrated by Rod working in the trenches with our clients directly to ensure their projects are successful.

  • Grad Dip Educational Multimedia
  • Bachelor of Teaching
  • Bachelor of Arts (Film and Media)
  • Grad Cert Leadership and Org Development
  • Dip Project Management (eLearning)
  • Cert IV Training and Assessment

Pete Joison Visual Design Manager

Pete brings a unique perspective to the management team. True to his area of expertise, Pete looks at things differently and can appreciate the stunning artistic creations and metaphoric concepts hidden in unsuspecting places. Such an unconventional thinker gives us an innovative edge as he has the ability to see abstract ideas and transfer these ideas into pieces of creative eLearning art.

Having worked with large and small teams of designers and developers, Pete has worked as a graphic design manager and creative director for over 20 years, with the last 10 working specifically in the eLearning and blended training fields.

Pete has a flair for creative and freehand drawing and design, and takes pride in staying abreast of current initiatives and graphic design trends.

He constantly demonstrates his artistic skills in illustrations and creating user interface design to create online learning materials for large corporate organisations such as Department of Health, BHP Billiton, Bankwest, Suncorp, Bankwest, Target, WorkSafe, GE Capital and many more.


  • Dip of Multimedia and Graphic Design

Rob Brown Account & Channel Manager

Rob is our Account and Channel Manager and facilitates a number of our strategic projects and long-term partnerships.

He has successfully overseen 60 enterprise projects and has worked as an IT Executive for over 17 years. Rob is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer and provides advice on information systems, panel relations and effectively manages our Partnership Agreements with a number of our eLearning channel partner projects.

The most recent projects that Rob has been involved in include: the Multiple and Complex Needs Initiative/Panel case management systems, where he was the main consultant and developer; a Quality and Safety Checklist application development on behalf of the Council, as leading consultant; and as the developer of the Australian Health Workforce Officials Committee (AHWOC) National Health Workforce Planning database.

Rob developed the EDaM Energy Data Management integration software on behalf of the Victorian Government Department of Human Services Sustainable Energy Unit. This program has been made available to over 400 funded agencies.

Rob specialises in all aspects of Business Analysis, IT integrations and Channel Partnerships.


  • Bachelor of Information Systems
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer

In the beginning

Liberate eLearning Pty Ltd was found amidst the global uncertainty of an economic meltdown. Within the first 12 months of operation, Liberate cemented itself as a highly regarded eLearning vendor in the Australian market – attracting the attention of dozens of resumés from people wanting to join our growing team.

Strong relationships

Liberate has sustained substantial growth by forging strong relationships with large national and global organisations.

Esteemed reputation

We have significantly increased our client base through unsolicited referrals as a result of constantly exceeding expectations.

Steadfast quality

Liberate is regarded as a highly distinguished and revered custom eLearning vendor that is 100% Australian owned and operated, and attracts the best staff in the Australian eLearning industry.

Our Services

Our Services

At Liberate eLearning, we specialise in the development of interactive, engaging and memorable eLearning courses.

When we refer to 'eLearning', we're specifically referring to immersive and highly interactive online learning experiences.

Our instructional designers are not just technical writers; they are creative writers – all with an education or training background. Every eLearning solution is different; however, the learning methodology of our courses is based on applying sound adult learning principles. Specifically, we embrace Gagne's Elements of Effective Instructional Design. Additionally, we apply Keller's ARCS Model (Arousal, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction). We look forward to the opportunity of discussing the learning theories that influence our solutions with you.

We love creating authentic and scenario-based online learning programs. However, if you need to use rapid development tools, such as Articulate Storyline or similar, as a form of basic 'information dissemination'; let us teach you how your team can easily create these internally with little effort or eLearning skills required.

Custom eLearning

Custom eLearning

Our custom courses are designed, written and developed specifically to achieve your business objectives and contextually resonate with your learners – there's nothing generic about it.

Peruse our Portfolio section if you'd like to see samples of our work.

eLearning Team Coaching

eLearning Team Coaching

A number of our clients are large national and global organisations with well-established internal Learning and Development teams – but they're often lacking the advanced technical eLearning capability to troubleshoot LMS connectivity or establish robust SCORM or AICC compliant templates and processes – and that's where we play our part, by providing technical eLearning support.

On the other end of the scale, some of our clients are new to eLearning, and rely on us to independently advise on the best-fit eLearning development tools based on their specific skills and requirements. We create customised and configurable templates and provide training and personalised coaching on eLearning best practice and the use of tools such as Lectora, Captivate and HTML, for example. Essentially, our clients rely on us to do the tricky parts and guide them through the establishment of their eLearning capability.

Here are a couple of common scenarios:

Provide solid foundations: We're asked to build the first course, and then provide instructions on how to copy and repurpose the template so our clients can create subsequent courses themselves knowing they're working from a solid foundation.

Templates and training: Because we're experts in tools such as Lectora, Captivate and Dreamweaver (and many more), we're asked to design custom templates and facilitate onsite workshops. We teach you how to use the tools and copy the templates we build based on your requirements. We've been told that we’re five times cheaper than attending a generic workshop, yet you walk away with much more.

Emergency call outs: Clients engage us for a set number of hours per months – this is our Priority Support Account. When a client has a problem, or needs us to supplement their project team at short notice, we can immediately jump on-board and apply an extra pair of hands – recognising we're seasoned experts that can lead the team.

Help you do more with less: Some internal teams are inherited or organically developed – and we're often asked to provide coaching workshops on best practice. Our workshops are designed to lead the team to consider more efficient ways of working and implement new standard operating procedures and methodologies.

Training Consultancy

Our Consultants

Our consultants are experts in the field of change management, organisational development, and Learning and Development. They've held senior management and executive positions in large organisations, and they're pragmatic in regards to the challenges facing organisational change and helping you achieve more with less.

We're able to lead your trainers and designers from the grass-roots level, and we're also able to advice on company-wide strategic direction and change management initiative.

Our consultants can provide you with face-to-face, blended training or perform business analysis in order to identify short-falls in operational procedures and conduct process mapping. If you need to generate a business case or require expert support with a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) – Liberate can help.

Blended Training

At Liberate eLearning, we put our customers' needs ahead of our own – this is reflected in numerous references and testimonials (go on, ask us for a copy).

We're different because we have a genuine desire to ensure your business needs are achieved and the learning outcomes of projects are met. We don't try to put a square peg in a round hole.

Naturally we offer online training solutions, but we're also well equipped to develop the face-to-face training and coaching guides. For example, a learner may be required to undertake an online module as a prerequisite for attending an instructor-led training session – talk to us about how we manage the development of blended training.

Mobile Deployment

Mobile Deployment

At Liberate, we have devoted years of research and technical development into our templates. Many of these templates are built using HTML (Dreamweaver) and other software compatible with Apple and Android devices.

Our team are experienced in designing courses for mobile deployment, and we take into consideration the differences between eLearning (deployment from a computer) compared to mLearning (deployment from a mobile device).

Through direct experience over several years, we recognise that mLearning isn't a one size solution – other factors need to be considered, such as designing interactions that are user-friendly on a touch-screen, for example.

Our mobile solutions are radically different to our eLearning solutions and we’ve split this offering into two distinct categories.

iPad and Tablet solutions

These mLearning solutions are designed similarly to our computer-based eLearning solutions; however, we avoid interactions such as roll-over and slider-bar interactions (not user-friendly on touch-screens) and we reduce the amount of text on screen by one-third.

iPhone and Smart Phone solutions

Generally speaking, these solutions are considered to be 'just-in-time' learning pieces, and therefore, they need to be short 'n' sharp. The target audience are often time-poor and usually on the move. We adopt a completely different writing and design approach for these solutions in order to best suit this unique learning and development requirement. For example, these solutions largely rely on Augmented Reality (AR), audio, and info-graphics, and cater for a smaller amount of reading.

LMS & Hosting

LMS & Hosting

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems (LMS) are the central repository for learning activities and courses. Our standard LMS features include the ability to access eLearning courses and track user access and results, along with the ability to export individual and group learning completions.

Maintaining our philosophy of independence from any one platform, tool and provider, we offer various LMS options that you can own and manage yourself. We'll get you started by configuring and branding an LMS for you, uploading your courses and learners' details – then we'll train you to easily administer your LMS yourself.

Hosting and support

In most instances, our clients find the Software as a Service (SaaS) model suits their needs. Therefore, we offer secure and protected hosting services – you don't need to worry about anything. Should you have any problems remembering how to use your LMS, you can contact our support lines and we'll assist. You also have the option of subscribing to a monthly support agreement; however, we find most of our clients are self-sufficient; and the LMS is easy to administer – so using our support based on an hourly rate may prove to be an economical 'pay as you go' model.

Off-the-Shelf courses

Off the Shelf courses

Off-the-shelf titles

Our operation is centred on eLearning courseware. We haven't listed the types of courses accessible as there are thousands available – working as your broker, we can source you the best courses for your particular needs. Some key requirements that we take into account when matching courses to your needs are:

  • The titles and volume of courses required
  • The ability to own, customise and brand to your specifications
  • Contract negotiations to ensure you get the best deal to suit your needs
  • Relevance to your target audience and culture
  • Your licensing needs

We can also provide you with consultation around analysing different economical models to determine the financial viability of licensing courses over building your own courses.

Let us generate you an income stream!

Are you interested in generating an income stream from your existing courses? We can act as your broker, selling your existing courses to organisations on your behalf. Sensitive information is concealed before others review your courses; and of course, we remove your branding and liability as part of the reseller agreement. Many clients fund the development of further programs from the sale of their existing courses.

Specialist Streams

Specialist Streams

Sometimes all you want is a well-rounded team of eLearning experts. However, in other instances, in addition to that expertise in online learning, you require a unique team that possesses an in-depth understanding of your industry sector.

Unlike other generalist eLearning enterprises, we have developed specialist teams with expertise in four key industry areas. We may not be able to be everything to everyone – but when it comes to our specialist streams, we have these sectors well and truly covered.

Use the submenu on the left to select your industry and find out why we believe we’re Australia’s eLearnng experts for your sector.

Specialist Stream:LiberateConstruction

Liberate Construction

The LiberateConstruction stream is responsible for creating custom eLearning for the construction, manufacturing and mining industries in the Asia-Pacific region. We recognise that the HSE requirements and contractual legalities of this sector requires a specialist eLearning team – a team that understands the diverse needs of the target audience.

What's our experience?

LiberateConstruction boasts an experienced team of construction, mining and manufacturing experts who are also eLearning and blended training specialists. This team is devoted to servicing eLearning projects for clients such as BHP Billiton, John Holland, Stramit Building Products, acQuire Mining Technology, GDF Suez Gas & Electricity Mining, GE Capital, Origin Energy, Innovia Security and Mazda.

The team's experience in production and exploration systems, and workplace safety means it can provide qualified advice and consultation unmatched by any generalist eLearning vendor in the Asia-Pacific.

If you want a specialist eLearning team that intimately understands the construction, mining and manufacturing sector, and which has a comprehensive knowledge of HSE compliance and PPE requirements, choose LiberateConstruction. Don’t settle for a generalist eLearning team – turn to your industry experts.

What our clients say

“Rodney and the Liberate team worked with Stramit Building Products to develop a state-of-the-art eLearning solution for our product range. Rodney has shown that he is able to provide innovative solutions to eLearning course creation, while minimising cost and ensuring tangible results. At the same time, Rodney has delivered ideas and solutions that have enhanced our total package to the market. Rodney is easy to work with and he has earned deep respect from all the people he has been involved with.”

National Training Manager – Stramit Building Products

“The Liberate team was a pleasure to work with. They have great knowledge of eLearning best practice for our industry and were able to provide an effective solution to meet our needs on time and on budget.”

Director of Development – Mining Technology (acQuire)

“Overall, it [the eLearning course] is fantastic! Your team has done a great job of putting this together with some interaction and pictures to help display the information. The screens look fresh and very professional. I even have a printed certificate of my completion on my desk!”

Auditor, Risk Management – Innovia Security

“My work with Rodney was to develop innovative solutions to eLearning opportunities, while minimising cost and ensuring tangible results. Rodney has been able to provide this service and at the same time come up with ideas and promotions that have enhanced our business and our relationships.”

National Training Manager – BlueScope Steel

“The Liberate were instrumental in starting acQuire on our eLearning journey by building the templates and related objects for our first course. They also provided the hosting for this course, allowing time for our team to build our technical eLearning skills in-house. Thanks Rod & team.”

Director of Development – acQuire Technology Solutions

“LiberateConstruction provided an excellent service. The timeline provided for this project was very short with other organisations withdrawing from the tender process because they were so tight. However, throughout the contract period LiberateConstruction generally exceeded the terms of agreement by providing the materials ahead of the scheduled times. They were highly responsive, sympathetic to our processes along with being constantly prepared to accommodate variations to content that occurred during the development processes.”

Training Lead – Electrical Apprentices Program Gipps TAFE

Specialist Stream:LiberateFinance

Liberate Finance

The LiberateFinance stream was established to provide Australia’s leading finance and insurance organisations with a specialist team of eLearning experts.

Unlike other generalist eLearning vendors, we offer an unmatched level of knowledge and skill specifically focused on the training realities facing the Australian financial services area. Our in-house specialists live and breathe the banking procedures, product training and compliance related to finance regulations, banking systems and Tier 2 RG146.

What’s our experience?

LiberateFinance's hand-picked team of eLearning and finance and insurance experts is devoted to servicing eLearning projects for clients such as the Suncorp Group, NAB, GE Capital, Bankwest, Bank of Queensland, St Andrews, AMP, MLC, AXA, Leaseplan, and the Bendigo and Adelaide Banks.

Having advised and supported some of Australia’s largest financial organisations, the LiberateFinance team has demonstrated experience in turning typically “dry” content into something amazing; making the learning experience highly engaging and motivating.

If you want a specialist team of experts with a proven track record in the finance and insurance industry, choose LiberateFinance. Don’t settle for second best.

What our clients say

“LiberateFinance are like an extension of our team. They understand what we want, deliver solutions to meet our budget and quality requirements, listen to feedback and work flexibly with us when situations change. This is why we value LiberateFinance and will continue working with them now and for future projects.”

Learning Design Manager – Bendigo Bank

“Thank you to Rod and the team at Liberate! I appreciate the effort and quality of work the team were able to produce in such a short timeframe for such a reasonable cost! The process was easy, the people great to work with and the output innovative and perfect for our needs.”

Learning Operations Leader, CI Learning Campus – Suncorp Group

“We recently received feedback from our implementation managers and they absolutely love the quirky text, vibrant and fun instructions which Liberate wrote and put into our course. We love the look of it and just think they have done a fabulous job – it looks fantastic!”

Systems Manager – Bankwest

“In our dealings with LiberateFinance, the consultants were easily accessible, flexible and able to resolve issues in a timely manner. LiberateFinance met the project’s needs with a modular template that can be used not only for our current project but also for future training. We were very pleased with the final product we received and it has resulted in a positive user experience during end user training.”

Project Training Lead – Bendigo & Adelaide Bank

Specialist Stream:LiberateHealth

Liberate Health

The LiberateHealth stream was established to provide Australia’s leading health and medical organisations with a specialist team of eLearning healthcare experts. Our clients engage LiberateHealth because it has an intimate understanding of the Australian healthcare sector and is solely focused on writing and designing eLearning for the healthcare and medical industry.

What’s our experience?

Each member of the LiberateHealth team has at least 5 years experience working directly with Australian healthcare organisations. We offer our clients an unmatched understanding of legislative healthcare compliance, medical terminology, open disclosure principles, service coordination, hygiene and elderly and general patient care. In addition, we are experienced in delivering training in these areas within an eLearning environment that is engaging and motivating. The LiberateHealth team is devoted to servicing eLearning projects for clients such as the Department of Health, the College of Intensive Care Medicine, Department of Human Services, the Cognitive Institute and Australian hospitals.

If you value the difference between a generalist eLearning provider and one that has a proven track record specialising in the Australian health and medical industry, choose LiberateHealth.

Don’t settle for a jack-of-all-trades team – work with the experts that understand your requirements and can relate to your audience.


Here’s a few health related courses that are WCAG Double A Accessibility compliant for Government – click on a button and self-enrol.

Using healthcare templates

Health service coordination

Primary care

Specialist Stream:LiberateRetail

Liberate Retail

The purpose of the LiberateRetail stream is to provide global retailers with a specialist team of eLearning and customer service experts. With an intimate understanding of the commercial realities facing the Australian retail sector, and the skills required to translate that knowledge into relevant and effective training, LiberateRetail is unrivalled as a provider of retail online learning.

We appreciate that retail training has to be tailored specifically to the fast-paced retail environment – not based on a one-size-fits-all approach. To this end, LiberateRetail creates eLearning solutions that incorporate best practice customer service as the modeled behavior.

From our experience, we know that bombarding customer service consultants with factual product specifications and features doesn’t translate to outstanding service outcomes. Instead, the LiberateRetail team understands that the key to designing effective online retail training is to teach employees to listen to their customers and then use their product knowledge and experiences to match products to their customers' needs.

What’s our experience?

LiberateRetail comprises a hand-picked team of eLearning and product training experts. The team works closely with a select group of global retailers and product-related organisations such as the Wesfarmers Group, iiNet, Rip Curl, Suncorp,, Innovia Group, Stramit Building Products, the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Origin Energy, GDF Suez, Mazda and Performance Partners Consulting.

If you want a specialist team of eLearning experts that understands the relationship between customer service and product sales, and how to translate that knowledge into scenario-based online learning, choose LiberateRetail.

Forget spoon-feeding your team members product specifications – talk to the LiberateRetail team about how we can influence a cultural change in your organisation that will result in increased sales.

Specialist Stream:LiberateEducation

Liberate Education

Specialist higher education training solutions

The LiberateEducation stream was established to provide Australia’s leading higher education institutions with a specialist team of eLearning experts.

With an unparalleled understanding of the realities facing academics in the Australian tertiary education sector, our hand-picked team of professionals draw on their vast higher education experience and intimate academic knowledge to deliver memorable, high quality and higher education related eLearning solutions for all staff, postgraduate and undergraduate learners.

LiberateEducation has established itself as an unrivalled provider of eLearning and blended training solutions for the university sector, working closely with institutions such as the University of Melbourne, Monash University, La Trobe University, Queensland University of Technology, Department of Education (Victoria and Western Australia), IDP Education, Central Gippsland Institute of TAFE, College of Intensive Care Medicine, Institute of Trauma and Injury Management, Cognitive Institute, Goodstart Early Learning, Aspire Learning and more.

Having advised and supported some of Australia’s most revered universities and large government and private education institutions, our higher education eLearning specialists understand the key issues facing teaching and learning professionals and academics in today’s landscape.

If you want a specialist higher education team of eLearning experts who intimately understand the education industry, choose LiberateEducation.

Liberate Education


Peruse the samples by clicking on the ones you’d like to view.


Liberate eLearning appreciates the value of partnerships in order to complete your HR, change management or training capabilities. Working with you, we can supplement your skills and products to allow you to better service your customers.To enquire about our Partnership Agreement options, please email:

Our Approach

People investment

Quality eLearning is best achieved when the learning is relevant, immediately engaging and personalised to the learner's individual needs. We understand that your most valuable investment is your people, and their knowledge. At Liberate eLearning, we want your learners to enjoy their training, and feel inspired by their learning.

Free from contracts

We believe it's advantageous for you to be free from contracts and renewable licenses that don't suit your changing needs.

Flexible technology

To reduce your investment in eLearning technology, and avoid being restricted in your future options, we are not aligned with proprietary tools and technology. Rather, we recommend you keep options open and utilise any investment you have already made in eLearning technology.

From our experience, poorly designed and constructed course materials sends a message to employees that their learning isn't valued.

Not being restricted to predefined course templates, we can use HTML, Flash or other tools you may own or have licenses to already.

Our approach is not just online, we also provide end-to-end mediums – such as blended online with face-to-face synchronous discussions and online moderation and collaborative tools.

Instructional Design

eLearning and instructional theories are the framework for our bespoke course solutions. We rely on these theories to make design decisions that help us anticipate what will happen during the learning experience. An eLearning course that is filled with bells and whistles is no substitute for a sound instructional treatment. While those types of programs might entertain, they will not maximise the effectiveness of workplace relevant 'information processing', and quality learning will not occur.

Robert Gagne created a nine-step process called Events of Instruction – events of instruction are related to an individual's learning process. We embrace this process for our eLearning designs as it is based on the information processing model of the mental events that occur when adults are presented with new information to learn.

Custom eLearning

Our solutions are also mapped on John Keller's ARCS Model of learner motivation. This model is based on the acronym Arousal, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction. The ARCS model is a problem solving approach to designing the motivational aspects of learning environments to stimulate and sustain learners' motivation to learn. In order to maximise learning transference to the workplace, we also need to anchor our solution closely to the second element – relevance.

Our solutions are effective because we also ensure relevant and motivational tactics support our instructional goals. Sometimes the motivational features can be fun or even entertaining, but unless they engage the learner in the instructional purpose and content, they will not promote learning effectively in an eLearning context.

Embracing these two models allows us to guide the learning process, which is why they form the backbone of our learning solutions. Coupled with interactive task relevant case studies and relevant stories, these models allow us to incorporate your learner's background, culture, experience and job relevance into our design.

Project Methodology

Liberate elearning's Project Methodology

Quality Assurance

Liberate elearning's Quality Assurance

Contact Us

To discuss how we can liberate your organisation's learning, contact us:

Sales Enquiries

Telephone: +61 0 413 082 712




Mailing Address:


Lvl 27, Rialto South Tower
525 Collins Street, Melbourne
VIC 3000 Australia


Lvl 8, 65 York Street, Sydney
NSW 2000 Australia


Lvl 54, 111 Eagle St, Brisbane
QLD 4000 Australia

If you have an enquiry, send us a message and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.


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Liberate eLearning is always on the lookout for talented and creative eLearning professionals.

Do you want to work for a dynamic and creative eLearning business? If you take pride in your work and have excellent attention to detail, then we want you!

Our team consists of highly proficient and experienced eLearning designers, professional writers, instructors and multi-media developers. If you think you have the flair for creating engaging and unique eLearning programs, then please do not hesitate in contacting us at

Some of the roles that we can offer are:

  • Instructional Designers
  • Proof Readers
  • Project Managers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Multi-media Developers
  • Flash Animators
  • Learning Consultants
  • Business Analysts

What is Pop-Up eLearning?

Pop-Up eLearning is a revolutionary component of Liberate eLearning that provides organisations with one or more of our highly experienced eLearning specialists to help support internal projects.

Pop-Up eLearning is perfect for organisations that need an eLearning capability but don’t want to incur costly recruitment fees or add to their employee head count.

Why use Liberate's Pop-Up eLearning Team?

Our company has the only Pop-Up eLearning Team with the skills, experience and ability to seamlessly “Pop-Up” in your team. We can be trusted to always deliver, as evidenced by our proven reputation.

Liberate’s unique Pop-Up eLearning specialists possess an in-depth understanding of your industry sector, and each resource has a minimum of 7 years experience in eLearning.

The Liberate eLearning Team is a finalist in the “Team Achievement Award” category of the 2014 eLearning Excellence Awards.

What does Pop-Up eLearning provide?

Our Pop-Up eLearning specialists will seamlessly embed themselves within your organisation and quickly gain an unparalleled understanding of your business needs.

Pop-Up eLearning engagements include:
  • leading high-profile or short-term eLearning projects
  • supplementing existing training teams or establishing a new team
  • dovetailing into existing teams to raise the level of professional output
  • eLearning and blended training coaching and mentorships
  • strategic consulting or implementing operational training procedures
  • filling skill gaps and backfilling secondments.


What are the benefits of Pop-Up eLearning?

Based on exceptional positive feedback received in 2014, and the many unsolicited referrals from existing clients, we can confidently express that Pop-Up eLearning will enable your organisation to:

  • gain immediate access to proven experts - no need to wait weeks for a start date
  • maintain the current employee structure without increasing head count
  • save on expensive recruitment fees
  • engage insourced contractors who are backed by a team of professionals and are never “on their own”
  • enjoy national coverage
  • tap into a wealth of best practice tools and processes
  • direct trainers to other areas that best complement their skills
  • plus many more …

Need an eLearning professional tomorrow?

Call Liberate eLearning Pop-Up!
Our 24/7 express number is
0413 082 712
or get in touch with us at
Liberate 2016

SPEED (Sharepoint eLearning Enhancement and Development) empowers you to enhance your SharePoint site with custom applications and tracking capabilities.

Does your SharePoint Intranet house exciting and engaging pages?

Does it generate motivation to learn and explore?

Don’t continue to settle for the default look ‘n’ feel of SharePoint pages when you can have custom built pages, engaging user portals, quizzes and high-end interactives that host and track custom content on your SharePoint platform.

Your custom Intranet content (SPEED) can automatically plug into your SharePoint database in order to store and track user activity – allowing your SharePoint site to deliver results far beyond what’s possible on an LMS.

Rod Beach, Director of Liberate eLearning, was quoted as saying:

“SPEED was created as a result of popular demand … some of our larger and more progressive organisations and L&D thinkers in Australia have invested heavily in eLearning, but are now investing their efforts into learning resources and applications that offer far greater reporting and usage on their own Intranet.”

Rod goes on to say, “SPEED is at the forefront of a trend in the market to overhaul Intranets; revolutionising the way we approach learning and eLearning. The SPEED approach also facilitates opportunities to streamline business processes while supporting just-in-time and informal learning.”

“For example, I regard NAB as one of the most forward thinking organisations in Australia in regard to their eLearning maturity; and what they are achieving with SPEED is making me genuinely excited to be in the eLearning industry at this time of change.”

Using custom HTML applications on your SharePoint site allows you to store and report details such as user activity, statistics, quizzes, assessment or survey results and even user comments – all while using your native SharePoint site.

Using our SPEED plug-in, we can even store your custom applications and activities in a simple text format so you can edit your custom content at any time and have it instantly updated on your SharePoint site.

Imagine what’s possible in your SharePoint site using SPEED – allowing you to deploy custom and engaging applications, learning interactions, assessments, surveys, images and documents that can be updated instantly when policy or procedures change.

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Pop-Up eLearning is a revolutionary component of Liberate eLearning that provides organisations with one or more of our highly experienced eLearning specialists to help support internal projects.

Pop-Up eLearning is perfect for organisations that need an eLearning capability but don’t want to incur costly recruitment fees or add to their employee head count.